WWE The Place Where Rage Meets Glamour

World Wrestling Entertainment which is much widely known as the WWE is a sports entertainment network that promotes professional wrestling around the globe. It has over 35 million viewers worldwide making it the biggest and the most successful in the field. Back in the early days you might even remember it as the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) when not just Adults but also kids watched it and tried to do the signature moves on their cousins, friends etc. and pretend to be wrestlers, this is professional wrestling promotion at its best. The most popular iconic wrestlers back in the days to name a few were Rey Mysterio, Hulk Hogan, Stone cold, The Rock and the most beloved The John Cena, whose punchline “you can’t see me” was and still is so popular you will see people still enacting it while trying to imitate him.

How it all started – The Journey

  • The Titan Sports
    The roots of WWE can be traced back to 1950’s when a new federation was created named the CWC, Capitol Wrestling Corporation which later was taken in by National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), but later due to some protest within, the NWA took a step back and Worldwide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) was created. Again after, the name of the brand was changed to WWF (World Wrestling Federation).
    The founder Vince K. McMahon together with his wife created the Titan Sports under which they decided to make the WWF into a promotion for professional wrestling. Following The New generation and The attitude era which made it more suitable for adult audiences.
  • World Wrestling Federation
    In the late 1990s, they changed the company name from the Titan Sports to the World Wrestling Federation and then to World Wrestling Federation Entertainment. With the new name that’s not all they came up with, they started a new program called SmackDown! which became a success and with the attitude era coming to coming to an end the WWF became huge. After taking after WCW and ECW which were the only competitors in pro wrestling entertainment, they became the largest in the business.
  • World Wrestling Entertainment
    Finally in this long journey of struggle, dispute and scandal, at the end in 2002 the company decided to change its name and the promotional brand name both to WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment as it was a sports entertainment business and also because if its dispute with World Wide Fund for Nature also carrying the initials “WWF” and to make this situation less complicated for both companies and also establish this company to everyone as an Entertainment Industry the name change took place.

How WWE became what it is today

After WCW AND ECW were acquired by the WWE, and with the huge number of players the WWE had now, they decided to make 2 different lists of players and hence 2 different shows namely RAW and SmackDown! Then to take over the spots in each show for the upcoming season a lottery was drawn that decided the players for the season of SmackDown! and RAW.

Over the years many more wrestlers from all over the world started joining in the roster of players hence came into making another promotion division of the WWE named the NXT. Initially, NXT was supposed to be just a separate division for development but after many years it has grown into a brand that is equivalent to RAW and SmackDown!

WWE has grown over the years to such an extent that it has more than 140 wrestlers including male and females and has 3 main promotional brands that air worldwide and surely make an impact on the professional wrestling promotion.



The WWE Smackdown ever since it was first named and aired that is since 1999 it has been eighteen years since, and now commonly known as SmackDown Live or just SmackDown being part of the brand plays an important just like the other two. SmackDown is the longest running program than the other two and launched great wrestlers into the light, some of them being JBL, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero and Big Show.

The WWE RAW also being the longest aired shows from WWE and being the partner in sharing the roster after the acquisition the wrestlers has also hosted a great many players with the recent ones being Seth Rollins, Roman Reins, Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan and others. After John Cena moved from SmackDown to RAW the roster got a huge competitor and being one of the most praised and lasting players people saw him as an inspiration to the youngsters all over the world.

The new faces, the separate storylines and the same brand, WWE. They are a genius in the industry as they managed to take over the entire wrestling promotional world by storm and not stopping there making such an interesting comprehensive and story driven professional wrestling made the name of those who were in this business and gave the world something to cheer for.

The Future the WWE holds

WWE Tough Enough, a reality show based on professional wrestling has aired a total of 6 seasons and is basically set in the idea of various professional wrestlers fighting their way to a place in the WWE. As the name suggests, the show aims at wrestlers being tested if they are Tough Enough to reach and take the contract that WWE offers. Offering teeth biting matches and interesting turns the one is surely something that you want to watch if you want wrestling with a twist.

Now providing to the Wrestling lovers, the WWE Network was launched to create a hub for wrestling lovers who want to get all the action at a single place. Having so much content including Stone Cold Podcasts if you want to hear the man himself, WCW and ECW matches including every PPV, Total Divas all five seasons if you want to see the catfights, The Epic Journey of The Rock that features Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the man whose journey will surely inspire you to give your best as he achieved so much in his life, no matter what industry he went into. With the wrestling industry still growing and the wrestlers still giving their best, there is no chance that the show will end, because in the end wrestling is like life, it’s not easy.

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